The management of legal holds is complex, time-consuming, and subject to strict due diligence requirements to ensure that data relevant to litigation is preserved and collected. Passport® legal hold connectors enable bidirectional integration between Passport and a legal holds system, which tightly links a legal department’s matter management and discovery management processes. This improves efficiency and protects against the risks of mishandled legal holds. These connectors bring together the industry-leading matter management capabilities of Passport with best-in-class legal holds solutions to meet the preservation needs of any enterprise.

Legal Hold Connector Benefits:

  • Streamline and integrate legal hold processes to improve efficiency and enforce compliance with discovery processes
  • Ensure data integrity and increase efficiency by reducing duplicate data entry
  • Reduce complexity of legal hold processes to mitigate risks and lower costs
  • Allow legal staff to view and report on legal holds in the context of relevant matter and cost detail
  • Enable the use of best-in-class legal holds solutions with Passport

Available Legal Hold Connectors