The latest release of the Passport® platform offers new programs, new features and capabilities designed to bring greater value to an organization’s business operations while enhancing the Passport experience. Enhancements include improvements to information and account security, as well as performance and user experience.

Our commitment to the success of our client partners is the foundation of our business. At Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions, we deliver products and solutions that fill a gap or address a challenge or frustration for legal professionals. We are proud of the growth of our current user community and the contributions from that community that have enriched our Passport 18.1 release.  

Some of the highlights of this release include new mobile capabilities, enhancements to collaboration tools for law firms and their corporate clients, productivity and efficiency updates, and a new Evergreen program that will facilitate clients keeping current with the latest version of Passport. 

The Evergreen Program

The Passport Evergreen Program, which is being introduced with this release, offers clients the ability to update Passport once per year without incurring any software or Professional Services costs for the upgrade. Via the new program, Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions helps clients realize the full value of their Passport investment by ensuring that users have access to the current Passport release and that they can take advantage of new product innovations, such as updated workflows and user interface (UI) improvements. The Evergreen program also facilitates use of new modules and integrations like Office Companion, Legal Service Request and LegalVIEW® offerings that are available with recent versions of Passport.

User Productivity

Passport 18.1 affords greater productivity for users in the form of support for mobile work and optimized search options that put the information they are looking for at their fingertips:

  • Passport Mobile provides a mobile-optimized user interface that allows users to instantly access, view, and manage matters and invoices anytime, even when they are away from the office. It provides a full, rich, and responsive mobile experience for Android and iOS phones and mobile tablets.
  • Global Search improves efficiency by allowing users to find data more quickly.  A new global text field search feature now allows users to quickly locate information that previously might have required several filters to find. In addition, users can swiftly find matter-specific data by using the search option within each work area.

Collaboration between the Legal Department and Outside Counsel

A good working relationship between the corporate legal department and its law firms is at the core of a successful corporate legal operation. In release 18.1, Passport improves its support for this relationship in several ways:

  • The Budget Collaboration module streamlines the workflow for requesting, receiving, and reviewing matter budgets from outside counsel firms. Allowing law firms to initiate budget requests for matters that they are assigned results in better financial management, stronger spend predictability, and improved efficiency.
  • Administrators can more easily manage legal service provider access via Collaboration Administration, which provides a simple way to determine whether organizations and people have been enabled properly for collaboration.
  • Enhancements to the Appeals module have reduced the amount of paperwork needed for invoice re-processing and now provide an audit trail of adjustments.
  • Support for LEDES XML 2.1 invoicing allows for more comprehensive tax support without the need to modify the format of data being passed to Passport.

These enhancements are representative of our continuing effort to improve the day-to-day experience of Passport users in both large and small ways. If you are a Passport client and would like more information about Passport 18.1, please contact your Account Manager. Law firm users interested in learning more should contact Law Firm Operations. If you are not currently a Passport client, you can click to learn more about the Passport platform.

About The Author

Kevin Caulfield

Kevin brings close to 20 years of product management, operations and software leadership experience in the enterprise and consumer markets. He is responsible for driving and leading product strategy and the discovery and validation of market needs and opportunities for the Passport ® and TyMetrix ® 360° product lines. Kevin holds an MBA from Boston University.