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Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions conducted a survey of legal and insurance claims professionals to understand their customer service expectations with respect to Enterprise Legal Management providers. The results show that they aren’t just looking for software vendors; they are looking for partners with well-defined customer service programs, like the ELM Solutions Customer Value Lifecycle, that meet their long-term goals. Here are a few of the important takeaways from the survey.

Legal and claims departments want the whole package.

We asked how important it is that a technology provider offers a full range of services that go beyond technology. Respondents expect services that deliver value throughout their engagement with a provider. The most common response was “Very Important,” which was the highest level of importance respondents could choose. 94% reported that the suite of services is at least moderately important, which emphasizes how critical it is for legal technology providers to be service providers, as well.

complete suite of services

It is vitally important for any organization to choose technology that will meet their needs. But having robust, customer-focused support and service to back up that technology helps ensure the customer gets the user adoption and ROI they expect. High-quality implementation services, training, and client and law firm support are all necessary. But a world-class provider will also offer user groups, voice-of-the-customer events, opportunities to network with other users, managed services that take some of the operational burden off client staff, and other programs that help maximize the value of their technology engagement.

Customers will be supportive and loyal if their service is good enough.

advocating for a provider

83% of our survey respondents say their customer services experience with a technology provider is important or very important when determining whether to act as an advocate for that company. For someone to be willing to go to bat for a provider, it only makes sense that their experience with that company would have to be outstanding. A top-tier provider goes the extra mile with great service and communication, creating a strong relationship that makes clients happy to advocate for continuing the engagement.

With 95% indicating that implementation services are important or very important, it’s clear that service has to be good from day one. ELM providers don’t get a pass in the early days. Client implementation teams work hard and expect their technology partners to be responsive and effective from the start. Companies that set a high standard during implementation must then sustain that level of service throughout the engagement. The stakes are high: 76% have abandoned a technology investment and looked for another provider due to poor customer experience.

abandoned tech investment

Legal and claims departments expect their end users to get what they need.

Enterprise legal customers know that no technology engagement can succeed unless their staff members who are in the system every day know exactly how it works and are happy to use it. That starts with intuitive system design supplemented by training. 98% say that a provider’s training offerings are at least moderately important to their buying decisions. Look for a partner whose training program extends beyond the obvious need during implementation. Refresh training for staff members who are already familiar with the solution can help ensure continued ROI.

Legal and claims departments do not have time to let occasional issues slow their productivity. 98% consider a technology provider’s customer support as either important or very important. They need to know that their technology provider is always working toward optimizing the end user’s productivity. That’s why 95% agree or strongly agree that the customer experience reputation is important to their buying decisions. Seek out existing customers’ opinions, as well as industry awards and analyst reports to evaluate company reputations.

customer experience reputation

It’s clear from these survey results that, in order to make customers happy, legal technology vendors must invest in supporting client success throughout their engagement, whether they are just beginning implementation or have worked together for several years. A great technology provider will understand how each client defines success and will help work toward it with a client-focused approach that includes great training and support, as well as user groups, networking, and managed service offerings. ELM Solutions embraces this philosophy, delivering great end-to-end customer experiences through our Customer Value Lifecycle approach.

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